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| Romanian Cuisine

Mititei (grilled meatballs) is a typical Romanian dish. Usually in Romania you could find the prepared meat in most of the food shops, and you only have to cook them.



  1. All the ingredients are mixed together, forming a paste; the ingredients are not optional, and the quantities of condiments varies, according to the individual tastes.
  2. The meat paste is then shaped by hand, into 7-8 cm (3 inch) by 2-2.5 cm (1 inch) cylinders (about 50 grams each).
  3. It is best to barbecue(Grill) them rather to fry them, because they get additional flavour if a little smoked, but a frying pan is ok. DO NOT use oil. It will only ruin the flavour. Try a spoon of pork fat, or fry them in their own juice. It is best to not let them dry to much, they are better if they are juicy.
  4. You can eat them with salt, mustard, and of course, bread is necessary.