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About Albacore

A variety of tuna that is very flavorful and has the lightest colored flesh of all the different species of tuna. It is generally more expensive than other varieties and the canned version is often called "white tuna." The meat is tender and flaky when cooked and like all tuna, it is fairly high in fat content.

The albacore also named Thunnus alalunga is a highly migratory species important to commercial and sport fisheries in California. The albacore fish is an important food fish, a type of tuna from family Scombridae. It is found in the open waters of all tropical and temperate oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea.The pectoral fins of the albacore are very long, as much as thirty percent of the total length. The dorsal spines are eleven in number, and well forward of the rays of the dorsal fin. The anterior spines are much longer, giving a concave outline to the spiny part of the dorsal fin. Lengths range up to 140 cm and weights up to 60.3 kg. Albacore feed themselves with euphausiid shrimps, anchovy, pilchard and mackerel. The first dorsal fin is slightly separated from the second dorsal fin, while the second dorsal fin is separated from the anal fin by five or seven fins. Due to the fact that albacore has few bones, the fish is used in preparing numerous dishes. Albacore fish become food for bigger predatory fishes such as big basses or another big fish.

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