Sugar-free Butter Pecan Cookies

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Makes 3 dozen cookies



  1. Preheat oven to 350°F degrees.
  2. Use a blender or food processor to chop pecan pieces until finely ground.
  3. Sift biscuit mix, and stir in the pecans.
  4. Set aside.
  5. Use blender or food processor to purée dates, gradually adding egg whites and warm water.
  6. Beat several minutes until creamy.
  7. Melt butter, and then stir in date cream and vanilla.
  8. Fold liquid ingredients into biscuit mix.
  9. Stir only until blended.
  10. On an ungreased cookie sheet, form dough into cookies ¼" thickness by 2" diameter.
  11. Press a thumb print into the middle of each.
  12. Decorate each cookie with ¼ teaspoon of jam and/or a pecan half.
  13. Bake at 350°F for 7 – 10 minutes until touches of light brown can be seen.