Melon Ball Fruit Salad

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Although rather low in nutritional value, the family offers a delicious variety of easily digested fruits. Owing to their high sugar (fructose) content in relation to their starch and fibre, melons rate as the most easily digested of all foods, as long as they are not included in the same meal as other foods. Ideally, melons should be eaten on their own, but for those whose stomachs can handle a variety of fruits with melons, the following recipe has been devised to provide the most appealing fruit salad, yet maintaining a simplicity such that digestive ease is not impaired.



  1. Use a melon-baller to extract the flesh from melons in shape of balls up to 2 cm in diameter.
  2. Destalk and wash the grapes and cherries.
  3. Mix all ingredients in a large serving bowl.


It is difficult to suggest any alternatives that are ideally suited to replacing any of these ingredients not in season. As some of the melons have a rather short season, it is better to omit one or two ingredients rather than replace them with other fruit that might not combine well and might create some digestive problems.

To serve

This fruit salad tastes most appealing when served from the refrigerator. Remember, it is a meal in itself, not a dessert.