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Prep Time: 10mins

Cook time: About 15mins if you use cooked meat.

Serves: 1


A sandwich of gods! Mix 3 (at least) types of meat and then cheese,sauces and salad of your choice.experiment to find the best kind of Manwich!


  • Bread. Good quality french or seeded bread works the best.
  • 3 Types of meat. In order to make this sandwich a "Manwich" you must have at least 3 of cold or cooked meat.
  • Sauces of your choice. (Ketchup, Mayo and Brown sauce all work well)
  • Salad of your choice. (Lettuce, gherkins, sweetcorn etc are my favorites.)
  • And lastly cheese. Rubbery cheese such as Gouda or Edam work well in my opinion, however Iv'e never been one for stronger cheeses and you may wish to experiment.


  1. Turn on radio. listen to bangin' tunes.
  2. If you have any meat which needs cooking start this first as you can set everything up in this time.
  3. Now you need to toast the bread to the point where it's crunchy on the outside but still soft in the inside. this makes for the optimum texture-to-flimsiness level.
  4. Put the cheese onto the bread, this not only creates a moisture barrier from the meat, but is also slowly melted by the meat ontop (if the meat is cooked that is)
  5. Once the meat is done place it in order of thickness, ontop of the cheese, from the most thin, to the fattest.
  6. Next add your salad
  7. And finally your sauces.(ketchup and mayo are a good combo)
  8. Enjoy! eat it quickly (or it'll go cold) and don't spill.