Indian vegetable coconut curry

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<plb_layout val_3="5 minutes" val_4="15 minutes" val_6="2" val_8="The Indian vegetable coconut curries have a large number of varieties out of which this is a basic variety. Its a highly nutritional recipe without compromising the taste. This food has a very mild and soothing taste which can be a very good source of maximum nutrients in summer." val_9=" Vegetables- Capsicum (Red, Yellow, Green), Broccoli, Potato, Tomato, Onion leaves- to taste (half of each of the vegetables)&#13; Onion- 1 medium sized&#13; Chickpeas- 2 tablespoon&#13; Coconut milk (heavy milk)- 1 cup&#13; [[Mustard]- 1 tsp&#13; Cumin seeds- 1 tsp&#13; Butter- to taste (start from 1 tablespoon)/ oil/ Ghee&#13; Salt- to taste&#13; Chilli powder-1 tsp&#13; Coriander seedpowder- 1 tsp&#13; Pav bhajimasala-1 tsp/optional&#13; Water- 1 cup (depending on the amount of gravy needed)&#13; " val_10="Add oil in a deep pan (big enough to accommodate all the vegetable), and sprinkle some mustard, cumin. Grind the onion into a paste and pour into the pan with the oil. Fry for few minutes and add the tomato paste/tomato/pesto rosso for 5 minutes. Then add the vegetables. I kept cutting the vegetables and added them simultaneously while cooking. Fry them for 5 more minutes. Add the rest of the powders and pour in the coconut milk into the mixture and boil the vegetables in it for 5 minutes. Then add water and boil it depending on the amount of gray needed by you." val_11="File:2011-06-14_22.18.47.jpg | " val_0="" val_cswikitext="" layout_id="175018" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>