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(Eastern European cuisine)
(West Asian cuisine)
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===== [[:Category:West Asian cuisine|West Asian cuisine]] =====
===== [[:Category:West Asian cuisine|West Asian cuisine]] =====
** [[:Category:Assyrian cuisine|Assyrian cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Assyrian cuisine|Assyrian cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Iranian cuisine|Iranian cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Iranian cuisine|Iranian cuisine]]
*** [[:Category:Mazanderani cuisine|Mazanderani cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Mazanderani cuisine|Mazanderani cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Iraqi cuisine|Iraqi cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Iraqi cuisine|Iraqi cuisine]]
***[[:Category:Kurdish cuisine|Kurdish cuisine]]
**[[:Category:Kurdish cuisine|Kurdish cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Bahraini cuisine|Bahraini cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Bahraini cuisine|Bahraini cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Kuwaiti cuisine|Kuwaiti cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Kuwaiti cuisine|Kuwaiti cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Omani cuisine|Omani cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Omani cuisine|Omani cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Qatari cuisine|Qatari cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Qatari cuisine|Qatari cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Saudi Arabian cuisine|Saudi Arabian cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Saudi Arabian cuisine|Saudi Arabian cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Emirati cuisine|Emirati cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Emirati cuisine|Emirati cuisine]]
** [[:Category:Yemeni cuisine|Yemeni cuisine]]
* [[:Category:Yemeni cuisine|Yemeni cuisine]]
==== [[:Category:Levantine cuisine|Levantine cuisine]] ====
==== [[:Category:Levantine cuisine|Levantine cuisine]] ====

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