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Name Variations[edit]

  • lefteye flounder

About Witch[edit]

The witch is also known as the witch flounder and it lives in surface waters of the Gulf of Maine, George’s Bank, and the continental shelf of New England and in the middle Atlantic. Usually the habitats where the witch fish spawns its eggs have to follow some conditions, such as a sea surface temperature below 13 degrees Celsius and a high salinity in deep waters. The breeding period of the witch starts in March and it can last till the end of October. The eggs are laid on the bottom of their habitat and the hatchlings live at depths of about 50 to 450 meters. When the hatchlings grow big enough they can feed themselves with insect larvae or even other fish larvae. When the witch becomes an adult it starts using the surface waters as its habitat and they can’t usually be found less than 300 meters in depth. However, when they are ready to lay eggs again they can be found at the bottom again

Witch Recipes[edit]