Tuna and Pipi Pilaf

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Tuna and Pipi Pilaf


I made this recipe up after walking along the beach at dusk feeling the pipis tickling my feet while they fed on the good food brought in by the tide. This recipe is sort of a cross between, fried rice, risotto and Paella. Two servings with only 35 minutes preparation.



  1. Steam pipis to open, scrub out sand and remove from shells. Set aside.
  2. Brown rice in oil, (until opaque), add onion, garlic, soy and chilli and stir in.
  3. Add water and put the lid on, let it bubble away until the rice soaks up the water.
  4. Taste the rice then and if it is not tender or to your liking, add more water as before until rice is "al dente".
  5. When rice is cooked, turn heat down and stir in tomato, pipis, tuna, lemon juice and oyster sauce.