Quick Spanish Rice with Beef

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OK The WPPC arrived a few days ago and I performed the water test. It passed with flying colors. That night I used the cooker as a stockpot to make some mac and cheese from a mix. Its been super hot this week and I have been lazy LOL. It worked great. But... the next day after washing the cooking pot I noticed markings on the inside of the pot where I used a spoon to remove the cooked mac and cheese. I used a plastic spoon so I have no idea why these markings occured. I like the design of the cooker but to be honest they could have made a better remove able cookpot. Its not heavy and I suspect the non stick may end up coming off eventually. I am considering ordering a replacement cook pot to have in the event this happens. I will be using it alot I am sure as it is versitle!

A couple nights ago I made a quick Spanish rice dish that you can make. Heres the recipe:

1 lb of ground beef 1 box of Spanish Rice mixture (including spice mix thats in the box) water as per directions for stovetop preparation 1 can of diced tomatoes

Brown ground beef and then drain grease from pan. Place all remaining ingredients into the pressure cooker making sure you consult the directions for stovetop preparation of the rice. Stir all ingredients until mixed and the spice mix is dissolved. Cook on high pressure for 8 minutes. Use rapid pressure release. Stir and serve!

Hope you enjoyed the review and recipe Ray