Pressure Cooked Pinto Beans

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For Lorna's Unsoaked beans (pressure Perfect), i Find That The Times Are Very Close For my Kuhn-Rikon StovetopCooker. Her Range of Times = The Shorter Time For Firmer beans For Salads And The Longer Times Are For SofterBeans For Soups or Brothy beans. I'm Thinking That it is Difficult to Set Specific Timings Because ofIndividual Conditions Such as Burner Btus or Just When You Catch The Gauge at Precisely The Moment it HitsHigh Pressure or a Minute Later. Heaven Knows That I'm Always Doing Something Else When The Moment of HighPressure Occurs! (an A.d.d. Moment, i Guess.) That's Where The Old Jiggle Tops Were Good....The Sound WouldAlert You! Swish, Swish, Swish....A Rather Comforting Sound!Rita

Ray Knapp Wrote: > Bill i Used One of Lornas Bean Recipes And When it Was Done The beans Were Too Hard For my Liking. i Ended up Cooking Them For an Additional 10 or 15 Minutes Longer Then The Recipe Called For. i Did This in The ce 8 qt Digital Pc. i Thought Maybe it Was Because i Used The Digital pc Rather Then a Stovetop. so Next Time i Tried The Recipe i Used my Fagor Canner Stovetop pc And Again They Were Too Hard For Me. i Love Softer beans And i do Not Like to Have to Soak Them. so Now When i Cook beans i Always Add Additional Times on Lornas Bean Recipes And Some Other Bean Recipes. > > Oh, Before i Forget no i Never Have Had to Change The Cook Times on Any Other Regular Pressure Cooker Recipes. All Standard Cooktimes on All Other Pressure Cooker Recipes Have Cooked Just Fine With no Additional Changes to The Cook Times. i Just Thought That Maybe The beans Recipe Was Different And it Wasn't But Wanted to be Sure. Ray > > Billy Cox <billyc@ptsi.Net> Wrote: Does Lorna's Instructions For Cooking pinto beans > Work Out Okay With You Guys? > i Cook my pinto beans About 15 minutes Longer And Stop About > 5 minutes Before Cooking is Done (fast Release) And Add My

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