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Soak whole natural Oats overnight. Cook for 5 minutes or until desired consistency. If you forget to presoak your Oats, cook them for 25 minutes. The key to unburned perfect porridge is a thick heavy iron pot and keeping the stove on the lowest setting. After boiling, cover with a tight fitting lid. Cook Raisins, dates or any dried fruit or sliced Apples with Oats to soften them. You can add a mixture of powdered sesame or sunflower seeds, mixed with sucanat. oatmeal is a good health breakfast that will stay with you throughout the day. It has a light flavor that will not be overbearing to sleepy taste buds. Pennies per serving, it is a healthy alternative to Captain Crunch or Fruit Loops which is much more expensive and far less nutritious. Recipe reprinted with permission from HealthRecipes.com