Oriental Ginger Beef Mexican Hoagie

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File:Oriental ginger beef - Mexican hoagie.jpg
Oriental Ginger Beef Mexican Hoagie

How do I name it? It's a Chat driven combination. Yeah RRRiiight. Fusion cooking at it's most insane. The tastes worked well together.



  1. Marinate the beef well mixed with the sushi ginger in a refrigerator box overnight.
  2. In a very lightly oiled very very hot griddle or one of those round hump topped mongolian bbq stovetop grills.
  3. Grill the meat both sides.
  4. It will be a matter of seconds per side.
  5. Split the roll.
  6. Load the bottom half liberally with the pico de gallo.
  7. Pile on the still hot beef.
  8. Top with *sufficient* pepper jack.
  9. Spread the optional sweet hot mustard (not a lot as it shouldn't take over).
  10. Enjoy, i had a bottle kirin with mine.