Muffuletta Sandwich

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I served this at a company luncheon that I hosted and it was a BIG hit with everyone who loves and a couple of people who don't. Mrtadella is an Italian bologna, any garlic bologna would work.

File:Muffuletta Sandwich.jpg
Muffuletta Sandwich



  1. Take 1 loaf fresh italian bread (one big round for a traditional muffaletta) slice in half, dig out some of the bread.
  2. Make the olive salad by combining , garlic, peppers and vinegar.
  3. Drizzle some of the olive oil and juice from the salad on each side of the open loaf- use plenty.
  4. On the bottom, place meats, cheeses, tomatoes, lettuce and olive salad.
  5. Top with other piece of bread and cut into wedges.