Mint and Tea Wine

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  1. Wash and chop the dried fruit and place it into a fermentation vessel (or the grape concentrate) together with the Sugar. Wash and bruise the mint leaves and add them to the vessels as well, make sure you leave out the stalks.
  2. Meanwhile, prepare 2.4 liters of hot tea and strain this into the vessel. Stir well with a wooden or plastic spoon to dissolve the Sugar. When cool (21°C or 70°F) add the citric acid, pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient and the activated yeast. Cover the vessel and leave to ferment for five days.
  3. After five days, strain everything into a glass fermentation jar. If necessary, top it up with more must obtained by washing the pulp with weak, lukewarm tea. Fit a bung and airlock and after that, leave to ferment to completion (this took about 3 months with me).
  4. When completed fermentation, rack from the lees and bottle the wine when its mature and ready.