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Midwestern cuisine in the United States is based on simple dishes such as pot roast, sausage, and pancakes. Dairy is an important ingredient, especially cheese. In homes, meals tend to be served family-style rather than in courses. Seasoning is mild, and tends to the sweet.

Like most American cuisines, Midwestern cooking is influenced by the cuisine of the immigrants who settled in the region. Scandinavians and Germans settled the northern Midwest, so Swedish and Norwegian lutefisk, Cornish pasties, or Polish pa˛czki may be found. Missouri and Illinois were destinations for many ethnic German immigrants, so sausages and potatoes are more prevalent.

The Midwest produces most of America's grain, beef, and dairy products, and these products are staples of traditional Midwestern cuisine.

The fried-brain sandwich, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, is still popular in the Ohio River valley.

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