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About Megrim[edit]

The megrim, scientifically known as Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis, is a small multicolor flatfish. It can be found in rivers or estuaries, on mud or mixed ground at 100-400 meters depth. The megrim size can vary from twenty five to fifty centimeters. Megrims survive by feeding themselves with crustaceans and small bottom-dwelling fish. It is usually found living in the Western Atlantic coasts of British Isles. The megrim is a flounder fish which has both eyes on the left side of its head. It has big eyes and a big mouth. Megrim’s body is covered with smooth scales on blind side. The megrim has a pale yellow-translucent color on top of his body and its moist flesh is covered with numerous dark spots. Although the predominant color is pale yellow around they eyes and the mouth there are numerous bright blue spots which give the impressions that the head is bluish. Like all flounder flatfishes, megrims have the ability of camouflaging by changing their color according to the environment colors, which permit him the hide from the predators and to capture its prey.

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