May Blossom Dry White Wine

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  1. Put the flowers in a muslin bag and place it into 4 liters water. Let it stimmered for 15 minutes. Then, squeeze the bag well to extract all the liquid.
  2. Dissolve the Sugar in the hot liquid and add the juice and zest* of the oranges and lemons. Allow the liquid to cool down to 21C (70F). When cooled, add the tannin, the wine yeast and yeast nutrient. Cover it well. Stir daily and keep it in a warm place to start fermentation.
  3. After three days, strain everything into a jar and top it up to the shoulder with cool water. Fit a bung and airlock and leave the jar in a slightly cooler place for the fermentation to be completed. Rack it after three months when a sediment has been formed. Again, put it in a cooler place.
  4. After another three months rack it again and add crushed Campden tablet to it. Top up the level to the neck of the jar with water. It is now ready to be bottled.