Dudh pauvaa (દૂધ પૌવા)

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This recipe is from "INDIA" and you can also find it here http://ourkitchenkabinet.wikia.com/wiki/Late_night_picnic

Sharad Poornima (OCT 22 2010, Friday, Hunter's Moon)

Dudh pauvaa (દૂધપૌવા)
3 cups thick pauvaa (there are many kinds available in Indian grocery store)
2 cups milk (more if you like milky pauvaa/less if you like pauvaa)
1 can evaporated mink
1 cup sugar (more if you are not like me)
cardamom, pistachio nuts, almonds, saffron, nutmeg
Soak pauvaa in cold water and rinse under running water in a colander.
Put it aside while you Boil the milk. Add sugar, simmer until sugar dissolves. Add evaporated milk.
When the milk is at room temperature add powdered cardamom, saffron and crushed pistachio nuts and almond.
Add pauvaa to milk and leave it in the refrigerator for 4-6 hrs.
If pauvaa has soaked up all the milk you may add some more if required.
When you eat dudh-pauvaa you should have enough milk in each spoonful to get flavours of all ingredients.
Let pauvaa soak up all the flavours and sweetness of milk before serving.
Some of you might want to try adding just a sprinkle of nutmeg powder (shred nutmeg) before serving.