Cranberry Orange Spirals Cookies with Honey

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cranberry orange spirals Cookies



Garnish: nonpareils

Dough---Beat All Ingredients Except flour in a Bowl Until Creamy. Beat in flour Until Mixture Clumps. Press Dough Together, Divide in Fourths. Flatten Each Into a 1/2 Inch Thick Rectangle. Put 1 Portion on Wax Paper, Dust With flour And Roll Out to a 7x9 Inch Rectangle, Slightly Thicker Than 1/8 Inch. Slide Paper on a Baking Sheet, Refrigerate. Repeat With Remaining Dough.

Filling---Bring cranberries, Zest And Juice to a Boil in a Saucepan. Reduce Heat And Simmer, Uncovered, Until Liquid Evaporates. Put in a Food Processor, Pulse Until a Paste Forms. Cool. Heat Oven to 400 Degrees.* Line a Baking Sheet With Nonstick Foil. Place 1 Rectangle Dough on Work Surface. Spread Dough With 1/2 The Filling. Remove Paper From Another Rectangle, Invert on Filling, Press Together. Cut Crosswise in 20 Strips. Separate Strips. Let Soften a Few Minutes, Then Coil 1 Strip Inward, Forming a Spiral. Tuck End Under. Place on Baking Sheet. Repeat With Remaining Strips. Brush With egg White, Sprinkle With nonpareils. Bake 10 minutes. or Until Lightly Browned. Cool. Makes 40 Cookies.*

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