Black-eyed Peas and Rice II

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Look thru Peas for rocks and wash through 3 waters. Soak Peas in water overnight in fridge. The next day, throw out water they soaked in; some claim this keeps beans from giving you a problem, but stay on this diet a couple weeks and you won"t have a problem anyway. It goes away. Wash stew meat and put stew meat and pre-soaked Peas in big pot on stove and bring to boil, with plenty of water. Add seasonings to taste. If you use cajun seasoning it contains salt; so don"t add extra salt!!!! otherwise, add salt to taste. When stew meat and Peas come to a boil, reduce to medium and keep watching to add water so they don"t scorch. After about 40 minutes add packet of rice and sauce, preferably cajun flavor. Start watching the water really carefully now, and add a pint from time to time. After about 20 minutes of rice cooking, add bell pepper, Onion, and more seasonings if you need. (this dish is good hot and peppery) everything should be ready at the same time. When test bite shows all is ready, eat

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