Banana Doughnuts

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This recipe came from an estate sale. I obtained it when I purchased the family collection from the Lowery Estate in Arlington, Texas in 1984. From "Catsrecipes Y-Group"[1]



  1. Sift flour then measure and resift 3 times with baking powder, soda, salt and nutmeg.
  2. Cream shortening then blend in sugar.
  3. Add vanilla and eggs and beat until light and fluffy.
  4. Add combined bananas and buttermilk and stir until well mixed.
  5. Add flour mixture in 4 portions stirring thoroughly after each addition.
  6. Chill before rolling.
  7. Remove ¼ of dough from refrigerator at a time then knead lightly 4 or 5 times and roll to ⅜ inch thickness and cut with floured 2½ inch doughnut cutter.
  8. Fry in deep oil heated to 375°F until golden brown then lift out and drain on absorbent paper.


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