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Side Dish


  • 1 Tablespoon Dried basil -- Optional

Place Greens on Large Serving Platter. Arrange artichoke Hearts, peppers, sun-dried tomatoes And Over Greens.

Combine bread Crumbs, Italian seasoning And salt in Shallow Bowl. Dip Cheese Cubes in egg, Then bread Crumb Mixture, Turning to Coat All Sides Thoroughly.Repeat Process, Coating Cheese in egg Then bread Crumb Mixture Again.

Heat oil in Large Skillet Over Medium-High Heat. Place Cheese Cubes in Skillet; Cook 2 to 3 Minutes Until Golden Brown, Turning Frequently to Cook All Sides.Place Cheese on Antipasto Platter; Drizzle With vinegar And Sprinkle With basil, if Desired. Serve Immediately.

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